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Why do most “experts” say that masturbation is a good thing to do?

What is the Real Truth About Masturbation?
by Anton Anderson

If you make a casual search on the Internet, looking at self-help websites and medical advice websites, you will find that most commentators do not consider masturbation to be a problem or a health risk. While there are religious sites that warn that masturbators will suffer dire consequences, most other sites give a green light for masturbation.  So what is the real truth about masturbation? Is it a harmless and natural activity or is it a destructive habit?

According to India’s Ayurvedic and yogic traditions the glands of our body are fed by a subtle fluid called Shukra, which is roughly equivalent to lymph. These schools of thought say that if a person loses excessive amounts of seminal or sexual fluid either in intercourse or in masturbation, then that person will suffer from a depletion of Shukra which will result in frequent colds, glandular swelling, joint pains and a raspy voice in the first stage. If this is continued on a long-term basis, the body weakened by excessive sexual activity can be susceptible to very serious conditions such as infertility, tuberculosis and even cancer.

From this standpoint then it would make good sense to control one’s sexual activity and especially to give up the habit of masturbation. Is it possible to give up masturbation? Why not! Although one website jokes that 90% of people masturbate and the other 10% are lying, the fact is that thoughtful and intelligent people can and do take measures to promote their own physical, mental and emotional health and learn how to control their physical desires.

It all boils down to one crucial idea: do we want to be controlled by our physical organs or do we want to control them with our conscious mind. Ancient philosophers spoke of the chariot and the charioteer. They explained that the horses of a chariot are like our sensory and motor organs. The reins that control these horses are our mind, and the driver is our discriminatory intellect. If the reins of the mind are weak then the horses will be out of control and the whole chariot may crash.

Our body is like this chariot. We have many physical desires but if we give free indulgence to them we cannot maintain our health. Sure, it is good to eat. If we don’t eat we will die. But if we don’t control the quantity and quality of what we eat we can become obese and this can lead to disease and premature death. It is also good to sleep, but excessive sleep is not healthy. We shouldn’t “kill” our physical desires (the horses!) but we have to keep them under control. We should find some means to make our mind strong and let our discriminating intellect guide us along, rather than being pulled by uncontrolled desires.

In this context, then it makes good sense to do whatever we can to get control of our sexual instinct.  The thoughts that arise in our minds come about in large part due to the influence of our body on our mind. If we keep our body and environment clean and pure, then we will have purer thoughts. The science of yoga even prescribes foods and exercises that help to balance our physical desires. It is not an impossible task, but well within the reach of anyone who wants to take back control of his or her life.

So, while some “experts” may say that “if it feels good, then do it” the wisdom of the East says that it is better to live a balanced and happy life by learning how to control and eliminate any habit that is destructive to our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. Masturbation is indeed a habit than can and should be controlled.

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