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AT LAST:  Take The Action reveals and solves the problem of masturbation once and and for all for...

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"Find out why masturbation is harmful for your health and for your life and what you can do to 
stop it. Read the only step-by-step program available in the world today and you will succeed in ending the habit of masturbation and start enjoying your life to the fullest.."


Who Was This Amazing Course Designed For?

"Stop Masturbation" was created to give you a rational explanation of the habit of  Masturbation and to  show you a step-by-step way to stop it once for all, and start living life to the fullest.

Please "check" all the points that apply to YOU:

I want to know the real effect on my health of frequent masturbation. Is it "ok" or does it really destroy my health, as I feel it does. I want to find a scientific answer to this, and if it affects my health negatively I want to know how to overcome it.
I am masturbating and I feel inside my self that it is wrong , however I can't stop doing it. After I masturbate I feel guilty I want to overcome this habit.
I have been masturbating for many years now and I want to get rid of this habit. I tried many times to stop it, but always, after a few days, I come back to watch pornographic content on the Internet and in movies. I have a sincere desire to stop it.
I masturbate often while watching pornographic sites on the net. I spend much valuable time which prevents me from doing other important activities. I feel that it is time to overcome the habit of masturbation.
I want to know if it is a "good" or "bad" thing to masturbate. I want to know with a scientific rather than a dogmatic explanation.
After masturbation I feel exhausted , like I have lost my strength. I understand that this is not a positive situation, and I want to do something to overcome it.
After I masturbate I become aggressive to my partner and often this leads me to destructive and negative actions. I am the cause of this, since after masturbating I become more anxious and nervous.
I see successful people and want to become like them. I understand that I spend most of my time in masturbation and that they don't and I am willing to take  action to overcome this habit once for all.
I want to watch pornographic content on the Internet all the time although I don't masturbate. I know inside myself that this habit is not a positive one because it is taking the time that I could use to do something which is more fulfilling and constructive.

If you checked just one of the boxes above, then our system is ideal for you!

Not only will we show why masturbation is destroying you life in all its aspects, but we will also show you how to overcome it and start living a new life full of strength.

The problem of masturbation
We live in a new era, it is a mass media era. You know how easy it is to access a free pornographic site on the Internet and in other mass media like TV, DVDs, video and magazines. And you also know how easy this kind of viewing leads to masturbation.

In 99% of all cases, this leads to dependency. It is impossible to overcome it, no matter how hard you try. In less than a week's time after deciding to stop, you may be in front of your computer browsing for pornography again and masturbating. It seems to be a trap that you can't escape from. Masturbation affects a person's life negatively in the following ways:
  • Masturbation destroys your health  

  • You waste your valuable time on masturbation

  • Weakens your ability to make money (since you spend most of your valuable time watching pornographic content and then masturbating)

  • Destroys your marriage or  your relationship with your partner  

  • Makes you feel guilty after masturbation (inferiority complex)  

  • Prevents you from having better sex with your partner  

  • Creates a negative psychology that can affect your business life

  • Prevents you from making your life's dream come true (since you spend most of your valuable time watching pornographic content and then masturbating)

    Successful people are not addicted to the habit of masturbation  simply because they spend their time doing what is important for them and their loved ones and not in masturbation. Are you willing to take the action and stop the habit of masturbation? or Will you allow this habit to destroy your life completely?

    Remember life is very short.

    How many times did you find yourself in a situation like this? When part of your self understood that this it is  wrong to sit and spend hours of your unique valuable time browsing or watching pornographic films or websites, but at the same time you couldn't do anything to avoid doing it?
    You feel and you know that it is not a good thing to do it, but still you are doing it.


Just look around you, time is moving very fast without stopping ,
The clock is ticking are you listening to  it?
Just look back  when you were a child, was it far away in the distance past?

No, no it was almost like yesterday. Time is moving so fast that  you can wake up and you will be 70 or 80 years old and without realizing it.

Life is very short.
Finally, find the truth about Masturbation and what you can do to stop it.
Learn how to make the most of your life now!


Isn't masturbation just a normal, healthy release of sexual energy and biological buildup?
There are some biological reasons for not masturbating.  Masturbation causes our bodies to become sexually responsive to masturbation instead of the heterosexual stimulation of "normal" sex.  For a man, this change in sexual responsiveness affects his ability to be sexually excited by his wife or partner, gain and maintain an erection, restrain himself during sex so he and his wife or partner can reach orgasm together.  He is likely to be so "tuned" to himself sexually, that he is unable to give sexual expression in a loving way.  His sexual actions may become totally focused on self-gratification.  
I have heard that Masturbation is harmful for health and that it brings specific side effects like: impotence, seminal weakness, cancer of all types, thinning hair and hair loss, fuzzy vision, groin and testicular pain, fatigue and feeling tired all the time. What is the real truth about these alleged side-effects of Masturbation?
These claims are not exactly correct. As we explain in the Stop Masturbation Program, shukra is the food of the body’s hormonal and immune system. So the side effects can be anything of the above depending on the person’s current immune system strength. In other words, it is not correct to say that by masturbating you will get specific side effects, for example impotence. But it can be any of the above or even some of them together at the same time or even all together at the same time. The results will be determined by the strength of your individual immune system and they vary from person to person. So one person may have one or two side effects and another may have more with the same amount of masturbation.
What is wrong with Masturbation?

If you are ever asking the question, it means that you feel that there is something wrong with this particular habit.

The purpose of this program  is to explain the real reasons why people masturbate, what is its effect, physical, mental and spiritual, on a person and to show a practical step-by-step approach  to stop masturbation and start enjoying your life, every single moment and entering in a new bright phase.

Do I need special equipment?
There is no need to go out and buy exercise machines or expensive equipment. A sincere desire to overcome the habit of masturbation and take control over your life is all needed. By practicing our easy step-by-step program you will surely overcome the habit that holds you back from success and destroys your life. Thousands of people who bought  the Stop Masturbation Program have ended the habit by reading the e-book only. The information is so logical and so convincing that they just stopped masturbating. You can also stop masturbating just by buying and reading Stop Masturbation Program in the same way.
The Stop Masturbation Program is based on  rationality and not on any kind of dogma. It is like 1 + 1 = 2; the result can’t be different. In fact we believe that many of the problems we face in today’s modern world are based on dogmatic thinking and not on rationality.
Is this program only for men?
No this program is for both men and women. Anyone who applies this course to their daily life will overcome the habit of masturbation and will be free from the bondage of masturbation, and thus be able to do great things in life.
Your Privacy is Discrete
We take your privacy very seriously regarding this sensitive and personal topic..

Your credit card statement won't have any reference to this e-book course, just the amount and the name of the credit card processor, again ensuring your privacy.

"TAKE THE ACTION" will discreetly appear on your credit card statement when purchasing via worldpay.

The whole program has been written in the form of a PDF E-book that can be read on any computer and even read online if you don't want to download it.

We hate spam it as much as you do! You will never receive any unsolicited email as we don't save any information you provide us.

What Will You Get?
 Here's some of what you'll learn in the pages of "Stop Masturbation Program"...
Find out why masturbation is wrong,using a rational approach. (Nothing is left for you to figure out you will presented with the rational facts) (Page 4)
Find Why do people masturbate and what exactly creates this desire in human beings (Page 5)
Find out if masturbation is an evil thing to do as the church says (Page 5)
Discover how masturbation destroys your health in a way that  can be a cause for serious diseases and even death (Page 8)
Learn how masturbation takes your  unique valuable time which is irreversible
(Page 9)
Find out how the habit of masturbation  destroys your ability  to make lots of money (since you spend most of your valuable time watching pornographic content and then masturbating) (Page 10)
Learn  how masturbation destroys your Marriage or Your relationship with your partner (Page 11)
Learn how masturbation makes you feel guilty  destroying your self esteem and creates in you a negative psychology (Page 12)
Learn how masturbation make you aggressive with those around  you and hurts all of your relationships with the outside word (Page 12)
Find out how masturbation prevents you from having better sex with your partner (Page 13)
Find out what ancient rational wisdom says about masturbation (Page 16)
Discover the true relationship of Mind and Body and how to control your mind (Page 20)
Find out how a simple proven diet affects your sexual thoughts
(Page 19)
Learn three simple body exercises that have a direct effect on your thoughts.  By doing them you gain control over your thoughts
(Page 31)
5 easy and proven ways to control your Mind and Body in order to break the habit of masturbation once for all (Page 22)
Get a step-by-step- proven system  to overcome the habit of masturbation ( Find out how certain exercises  directly affect your mind so that you do not get stimulation for sexual thoughts) (Page 26)

This course may be withdrawn from the market because we get pressure from the "adult" industry so Don't wait any longer!

We got pressure to withdraw this course from the Internet earlier this year from  some people in the pornographic industry. As you may know, the "adult" industry is making billions of dollars in sales every year and is considered to be the most powerful Internet business. It is not in their interest for people to buy this course and take control over the habit of masturbation because this will lower their profits. They want you to browse "xxx" content for life and stimulate your mind so that their profits  become trillions in the next year.  They don't care about the effects of masturbation on you as a person but only on their profits. My intention is to let you know  why masturbation is harmful for many aspects of your life  and what you can do to stop it. We can't guarantee that this course will remain available forever, so grab the opportunity now!

How Much is All this Information Worth to You?
How much more of your health , your valuable time, your feel of guilt, your life's time dream, your marriage or your relationship with your partner, for your  life is worth? Are all of these things worth  more than 17 USD?

For only 17 USD you can take control of your future and overcome the biggest problem you have, the one
that holds you back from success ( think of it for a while). Probably the most important investment you will ever make for in your life FOR YOUR SELF. Look at this it this way… 17 USD is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the benefits you get when you put masturbation under your control.

Living your life without this information would cost you a lot. It is not possible to even calculate how much your a high-quality and happy life is worth, it is just not measurable.

In fact you will make hundreds of dollars from the first time you will put the program in action only by saving your time and doing important things for yourself.

This course is really worth thousands of dollars since masturbation affects all parts of a person's life and degradates a  person down to animality. You are born to be happy and not controlled by your sexual organ and sexual desires 24 hours a day. Who is in control anyway? You or your sexual organ?

Table of Contents

Here is our Table of Contest. Each section is explained in detail and expanded to give you a clear understanding of the problem of masturbation. Furthermore you get Free Support and answers to any question that you may have.
What is Wrong with Masturbation?  
Why do People Masturbate?
Ancient Wisdom  
Is Masturbation Harmful?  
1) How Masturbation destroys Your Health  
2) How Masturbation wastes Your valuable Time  
3) How Masturbation destroys Your ability to make money (since you spend most of your valuable time watching pornographic content and then masturbating)  
4) How Masturbation destroys Your Marriage or Your relationship with your partner  
5) How masturbation makes you feel guilty destroying your self-esteem  
6) How masturbation makes you aggressive with those around you and hurts all of your relationships with the outside world  
7) How Masturbation prevents you from having better sex with your partner  
8) How Masturbation prevents you from taking the appropriate life’s lessons  
9) How Masturbation prevents you from making your dream come true  
The Relationship of Mind and Body  
Physical Cleanliness  
Underwear and clothing  
The Role of Food  
Meditation: Exercise to Strengthen Your Mind  
Psychic Cleanliness  
Fasting: A way to Strengthen Body and Mind  
Yoga Postures: exercises for mind and body  
Walking and Running: Keep your mind and body fit  
Water Drinking: an important health secret  
Conclusion: Putting it all together  
Bonus Section: Free Meditation Lessons  

About Take The Action  
Where the money goes  
Affiliate program  
About the Meditation Teacher  
Recommended Products  

Click here for Testimonials

I knew that masturbation was taking too much of my valuable time and I wanted to get rid of it without success for the past three years. However I never imagined that masturbation could destroy my health and many other important aspects of my life. Your program was like a "window to freedom" for me. My life has changed , my mind is free from the masturbation habit and I  am working nicely now, with great financial success.

George Gilbert
USA (Colorado)
I don't know how to express my gratitude for your course. I was astonished when I found you on the Internet. I have been masturbating since I was 12 years old and now I am 47. The amount of energy, time, and money I spend because of the habit of masturbation is not possible to measure since it has been continuing  for 35 years and became a way of life. Now I am free of it for the first time in my life. I feel free to do what ever I want with my life.

Thank you again and I will always feel grateful for your help

Michael Anderson
USA (Indianapolis)

What I got from your program can't be measured in value, I have been freed from the habit of Masturbation that tormented me for the last 37 years. I feel strong now in my body and my mind and nothing can take me down to the previous degrading situation again. Thank You.

Paul Simone
USA (California)

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

What bigger bonus can we give you than a solution to the problem of masturbation, a solution that solves the most serious problem of a person's life.

We called this section a
"Bonus" section but in reality we just explain here what you get in addition to the e-book course, it is a companion, and without these companions the course itself would be incomplete.

You can ask questions by submitting to our free support service (In the Internet world this is called consultancy and is valued very highly however we provide it to you free of charge because we want to put you on the right track, free from the destructive habit of masturbation we are with you every step of the way)
Free Personal Meditation Lesson. Once you need more advanced guidance we can give it to you free of charge. If you want to move further and take full control of your mind and learn the science of meditation you need a personal meditation teacher. We provide you this service free of charge. Our Take The Action meditation teacher has been meditating for more than 30 years and you can find the information about him inside the program.
Free Upgrades For Life - There's nothing worse than buying a program and constantly having to pay for upgrades! We hate wasting money on upgrades and you probably do too. We'll be sure to notify you each time we release a new version of Stop Masturbating Course  and you won't have to pay a dime!
As a member you get discounted prices on all the other products & services we will release in the near future.


It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning! 
You will be downloading and reading the e-book and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This course may be withdrawn from the market because we get pressure from the adult industry so Don't wait any longer!
Click here to Get Started Today


You can get INSTANT ACCESS right now -- even if it's 3:00 a.m.! 

Control Your Life , don' t let your sexual organ  control you

Life is very short , take the action now before it's to late

Get ready to rise above the weakness of masturbation  and prepare yourself for a bright future. Just imagine how it would be if you overcame the habit of masturbation; what wealth you would get in terms of your health, your valuable time, your marriage or your relationship with your partner, ending your feeling of guilt . How would the world be if you could get rid of it?
A bright future awaits you, just take the action, now. Click Here

Take The Action

P.S. If you came to this Web site looking for information on how to stop masturbation, this ebook is for you. No other professional resource offers such professional, in-depth insight into this exciting field. And you can order it here right now!

P.P.S. The introductory price of 17 USD will be substantially increased soon. I have received feedback that this price is much too low. So Buy Now and Save!

The only enemy that we have is within ourselves, We are in our present positions only because of our own actions. We can't blame anyone other than ourself. So the solution is very simple, you have to take the action, to do something in order to overcome the habit of masturbation that holds you back from success.  I

P.P.P.P.S. We got pressure to withdraw this course from sale earlier this year from the "adult" industry. As you probably know the adult industry is making billions of dollars every year and is considered the most powerful online business. It is not in their interest  for people to have this course and take control of the habit of masturbation because this will lower their profits. They don't care about the effects of masturbation on you as a person but only on their profits. Our intention is to make you know  why masturbation is harmful for all aspects of your life  and what you can do to stop it. We can't guarantee that this course will remain online forever, grab the opportunity Click here to Get Started Today

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